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Call Us Today!
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    1. Do you do residential, commercial and industrial electrical work?
    A. Yes, we service practically anything electrical in those areas.
    2. What area in Northeast Ohio do you perform services?
    A. We service Lake, Geauga and Eastern Cuyahoga counties, but if you have an emergency we will travel outside those areas.
    3. What are your hours?
    A. We are a 24/7 emergency company. For any scheduled repairs or installations we are flexible with your schedule, including evenings & weekends.
    4. Do you repair and install underground wiring?
    A. Many customers who have underground service coming into their home from the power company are not aware that it is their responsibility to repair that wire. Not only will we locate the actual “fault” in the ground, but also dig it up and make the repair, usually without it being necessary to have the power company come out.
    5. During a storm a tree fell on the power lines running from the pole to my house and pulled the meter off my house. Will you repair you this?
    A. The homeowner is responsible for such a repair, not the power company, and yes, we can make the necessary repairs to restore your service.
    6. Recently, an older family member passed away and I have inherited the home and major electrical violations. Prior to putting the home on the market, can you make these repairs?
    A. Yes, not only can we make the repairs, we will also take care of the city permitting process (which can be confusing & cumbersome). We will make all necessary repairs required by the city inspector to get your home on the market as quickly as possible.
    7. We are thinking of purchasing central air conditioning. Our installer recommended we get an electrical service upgrade. What does this mean and can you do this?
    A. Generally homes that were built pre-1970 are wired at 60 amps of service and have a fuse box panel with a limited amount of circuit capacity. More amperage is required for the extra electrical load of an A/C. A minimum of 100 amps (usually no more than 200 amps) and a 30 circuit breaker panel is generally installed. Additionally, the outside meter service must be increased to match the new circuit breaker panel.
    8. We are purchasing a home and through the inspection process found that the home was not adequately grounded. What does this mean and is this a necessary requirement and is this a service you perform?
    A. Grounding of the main electrical service is the most important safety feature of the electrical system. Not only is this required by the national electrical code but it is also a life safety issue. The process of grounding the electrical service requires a cold water ground and two driven ground rounds. This helps prevent lightning from entering the home and in the event of an open neutral situation it may safeguard the electronics throughout your home. Yes, we will gladly perform this service at your convenience.
    9. Do you also do small jobs, such as ceiling fan, hot tub/swimming pool electrical installation, and adding switches & plugs and GFCI protection?
    A. Yes, we will do all of the above at a date and time that is convenient for you, including evenings & weekends.


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